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The 50th Greatest Gay TV Characters List

9. Sonny Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

Actor: Freddie Smith
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Jackson Kiriakis (aka Sonny) (played with sincerity and intelligence by Freddie Smith) was the first openly gay character in the history of Days Of Our Lives. He was brought in to help guide blond basketcase Will Horton out of the closet. But along the way, something remarkable happened … Sonny found himself falling for Will, and the soap world was delivered one of its greatest portmanteaus, “WilSon.”
It wasn’t an easy romance, due to Will’s initial tearful self-loathing, and there were many obstacles thrown in their way. Will had his own issues, but Sonny struggled as well, thanks to a hot interloper who tried to seduce Sonny with soft-core jazz and come-f*ck-me eyes. And Sonny was tempted, but he turned down this pretty little sex god … bless his heart.
There were other issues to overcome, including Sonny’s mother Adrienne, who made it her life’s work to break up WilSon. Sonny stood up to her, though, and he’s managed to overcome every WilSon catastrophe, from a wedding day pregnancy bombshell, to old friends trying to lure him away from his new duties as stepdad.
Through it all, “Saint Sonny” (a term that’s been used to both deride and celebrate him) has been the voice of reason. And let’s face it, he’s the sweet, honest, and stalwart boyfriend all of us wish for. –s.
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