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Freddie Smith Twitter Q&A - 15th September 2012




FreddieMSmith: Verified. Haha I got say I’m prolly one of the worst twitters but I have amazing fans thanks for everything! Sonny will b on 4days next week

FreddieMSmith: In a twitter mood up for questions Go!


GabTownDivas: @freddiemsmith Would you come on my @gabtowndivas radio talk show some night to chat with fans? we would love to have u!

  • Freddie Smith: hey contact publicity for DOOL and they can set it up

DancingDays123: @freddiemsmith Truthfully, how’s the mood on set?

  • FreddieMSmith: great it’s like a family very laid back professional and funny all at the same time

MissBrittany012: @freddiemsmith hey how are you

  • FreddieMSmith: kicking my Saturday night off with drinks and darts

JoshuaGunter3: @freddiemsmith will you be in atlanta anytime soon?

  • FreddieMSmith: I never know travel until last minute so I don’t know haha

Taken133: @freddiemsmith are u gay in real life? If not is it hard to play?

  • FreddieMSmith:  no I’m straight but I love playing Sonny such an inspiring storyline the show is doing and I’m so happy to be able 2 portray Sonny

HeyGeek: @freddiemsmith you can pick just one: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. choose wisely ;)

  • FreddieMSmith: dark

The_BANA_na: @freddiemsmith will Brian come back?

  • FreddieMSmith: can’t say right now. Wish i could

nicolfer__: @freddiemsmith why did Sonny always wear the same button down shirt but in different colors?

  • FreddieMSmith: lol I have no idea

mtheaterpimp: @freddiemsmith you play Sonny (and every role I’ve seen you in) extremely well!! Both this one and 90210 were AMAZING!

  • FreddieMSmith:  your awesome thank u

fsmithfans: @freddiemsmith is in a twitter mood and we have no idea what to ask him..okay hm. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

  • FreddieMSmith: I’m a workaholic but anytime off I love spending time with my friends

oracleflwpg: @freddiemsmith is there anyone on Days that you want to work with but haven’t yet?

  • FreddieMSmith: nicole

Kalymae: @freddiemsmith who is the funniest to do scenes with #days ?

  • FreddieMSmith: everyone is great but Chad makes me laugh the most

shyone269: @freddiemsmith What do you like most about your Sonny character?

  • FreddieMSmith: his maturity and good heart

kieronandpj: Hey @freddiemsmith when you say shirtless scenes are soon, how soon is soon? LOL #worstquestion

  • FreddieMSmith: within a month maybe

EbbyOlsen: @freddiemsmith can you please give a shout out HUGE fan! #sonnyisamazing

  • FreddieMSmith: what up Ebby!

RobbKerrCanada: @freddiemsmith it must be neat working with so many talented actors. Are u enjoying the experience?

  • FreddieMSmith: so much it’s great having such a fun job

VJustice4NYC: @freddiemsmith My mother & I ADORE Sonny & Will ! Your scenes are my FAVE part of the show. What’s your fave thing about working w/ him ?

  • FreddieMSmith: so nice and talented makes me a better actor

ELMcCaffrey: @freddiemsmith Who is your favorite cast member and why?

  • FreddieMSmith: Chandler we spend most time on set together

ErinKelsey: @freddiemsmith current favorite song?

  • FreddieMSmith: Clique!

notEricUribe: @freddiemsmith Will you follow me because you’re perfect and I want to be able to say perfection follows me on twitter thank you xoxo

  • FreddieMSmith: done

mtheaterpimp: @freddiemsmith what show are you more likely to compete on: Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, or The Voice?

  • FreddieMSmith: would love dancing with stars. The Voice is a not an option lol

Kay__Drew: @freddiemsmith Will you tweet me? It’s my birthday!

  • FreddieMSmith: Happy. Bday Kay!

ErinKelsey: @freddiemsmith was it difficult to kiss chandler?

  • FreddieMSmith: no not at all

FireworkSpencer: @freddiemsmith what’s one word you’d use to describe Chandler?

  • FreddieMSmith: Kale

KDesjardin1992: @freddiemsmith You probably have gotten this question before, but any guilty pleasure songs? :P

  • FreddieMSmith: dubstep

InLuvWanAngel: @freddiemsmith advice: what would u do 4 upstairs neighbors so loud u manage mayb a 2hr sleep after an knsane 12hr nite shift work? Help :-)

  • FreddieMSmith:  I had that before its awful I’m so sorry I feel u. MOVE!

fsmithfans: @freddiemsmith Awesome! We’ll ask you one more q and then leave you too it - but what’s it like knowing so many people admire & love you?

  • FreddieMSmith: surreal. It’s so great
Steph_Andrade09: @freddiemsmith whos the funniest to work with ? The jokester ?
  • FreddieMSmith: Casey

@ShorteeMichelle: @freddiemsmith where did you take acting classes in Cleveland?

  • FreddieMSmith: is it bad I do t even remember I’m getting old its been 7 years now but it got me to move to LA and pursue this career

hoosiergal11: @freddiemsmith Are you still filming scenes with Justin & Adrienne? Hope so!

  • FreddieMSmith: yes!

ErinKelsey: @freddiemsmith we’re you screen tested with anyone if so who?

  • FreddieMSmith: Judy and Chandler

nattyw222: @freddiemsmith I just wanted to say hello and that I think you are soooo handsome!! xo

  • FreddieMSmith: why thank u

GwenCFC: @freddiemsmith I sent you a DM, did you get it? :)

  • FreddieMSmith: just read it and thank you soo much xo

FreddieMSmith: Thanks for everything everyone appreciate the love u all are awesome. Have a great Weekend!

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